Akashic Record

Energetic record of your soul's journey

Akashic Reading

An Akashic Record Reading can assist you in your soul healing journey in several ways. An Akashic reading can help you tapping into the universal knowledge and wisdom through which you can achieve better results. By entering your Akashic Record, it can assist you with decision making, ideas, and opportunities for success and advancement.

Accessing your Akashic Record is like reading the imprint of your soul to help you identify both your gifts to be utilised in this lifetime and any blocks to your soul’s truth that prevent you from reaching your highest potential. You may wish to receive readings pertaining to several areas of your life, in which case you can choose based on your need.

Akashic reading and healing can help you find happiness by improving your personal relationships, reducing or eliminating pain, clarifying your soul’s purpose, and enhancing your professional life. 

Deep dive into your Akashic Record to improve your life’s adventures. Visit your Records regularly!

Akashic Reading Course

Why not learning to read your own Akashic Record? In this course, you will be taught how to read your Akashic Record and conduct Clearing and Activations as taught in Akashic Light Academy. Opening your Akashic Records daily will help you to manifest and clear the blockages in your life.

Body and Organ Healing

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Hi Tri, I think I really benefited from the healing. I noticed my self talk is more positive now. After you cleared my fear and other negative emotions, definitely there is a shift of energy. Now I can get deeper into the bottom of the issue. Thank you so much.


Hi Tri, attached please find my medical report. My rheumatism is getting better and the doctor allowed me to stop taking the medicine. Every time after meeting you, I noticed my anxiety is getting lesser and lesser. Thank you so much.


Hi Tri, I am amazed with the change in the behaviour of my son after our Akashic Record Reading session. We also followed your recommendation to change his diet. He stopped playing game and he starts talking about his planning for his study and his future. After struggling for a year, we are glad that we met you and received the healing, almost instantly. Thank you so much. 

T. F.